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What's in the box today?

Glucon D Crazy Cyclist Complan Everest Quest Icy Gifts 2 Effing Worms - Xmas V8 Muscle Cars Balloon Blast Kitty Squabble Love Is In The Air Powerplay Cricket Kat's Fan Club Extreme Stunts Bhag Bhai Bhag
Andy is out cycling, pickin' up coins and Glucon-D packs on the way. Help him dodge the traffic and other obstacles on the way.
Dreamt of climbing Mt Everest? Practise mountain climbing right here!
To unlock Endless Mode, complete all 45 levels of exploding, Santa-saving fun!
MERRY EFFING XMAS!! Eat elves, yeti, and reindeer! Santa gave you a crap present, now you’re out for revenge!
Race around various tracks across the USA in classic V8s. Unlock new cars, upgrade, and try to get all the achievements!
If you don't go about throwing those water balloons, here's your chance! Virtual, we meant.
Have you seen a Tic-Tac-Toe played over 3 levels? Sample this, show them who's the cat!
With Cupid's arrow, you're more than glad to be struck down!
Play like it's the final… give it your best shot!
Are you a big Kat fan? Pass this test so we know!
Do more than using your bike to go from point A to B!
Run as fast as you can and beat all the competitors as you cross all the levels to achieve the top score. Ready, Steady….Go!

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