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Critical Strike


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Game 3600

Description: Shoot at your enemies with special arms and ammo; scale up your strategies as you deal with zombies and terrorists!

instruction: Move around using ‘WASD’ or arrow keys; to walk fast, press Shift + arrow key To crouch, use ‘X’ To jump, press Space bar To shoot, left-click For quick-stab, (knife only) left-click For fatal-stab (knife only) right-click For scope sniper rifle, right-click To reload, use ‘R’ To select primary weapon, press ‘1’ To select pistol, press ‘2’ To select knife, press ‘3’ To select grenades, press ‘4’ To select bomb, press ‘5’ Scroll mouse for quick selection To plant bomb, hold down left-click To deactivate bomb, hold down ‘E’ To heal player, hold down ‘E’ To open door, use ‘E’ To rescue hostage, use ‘E’ To chat, press ‘Y’ and type your message. ‘Enter’ to send. To go to weapon shop, use ‘B’ To drop gun, use ‘G’ To toggle flashlight, use ‘F’ To visit Menu, use ‘M’ To spray clan tag, use ‘T’ To customise controls, Menu > Controls > Set Controls

Tags: Best of 2013, Top Games, Action, Shooting, Multiplayer